Tuesday, September 17, 2002

I just realized that I threw out the Newsday where Corpsicle was mentioned. I would like to perform a hundred violent acts upon myself at this point. But they'd probably really hurt, so I won't. God, I'm pissed.

Good night again.
I haven't posted to this thing in like two weeks. I'm sure you're all heartbroken. But I wanted to write something in here because I felt it was the right thing to do in spite of the fact that I should be in bed - school starts in seven short hours.

I really have pretty much nothing to say. The Game 4 of the Mets-Diamondbacks 1999 NLDS is on MSG and I'm kinda paying attention to it. Those were the days - the days when the Mets didn't SUCK. When they had more than three guys that weren't high-priced free agents. When they WON BASEBALL GAMES. When I gave a damn. I'm not as into baseball as I was, say, two months ago. That's mostly because of the strike, and only partly because of the Mets' piss-poor play. My new adopted AL favorite, the Red Sox, fell out of the race with the hated Yankees long ago. Which leaves me to root for the A's and Twins, just so Allan H. "Bud" Selig can go commit suicide after the Series ends.

My football picks for this weekend sucked a big dick. I got 8 out of 16 games right, which blows, and I lost in the "Knockout" league we're doing at work. If I lose in that again, I'm out $25. So expect me to be out $25 by next Monday night.

It sucks - I've felt really creative recently, but haven't had the time to come up with anything that's cool. I found an old little guitar amp and I'm in love with it - it gives this really old school punk sound, but it also sounds like it could have been played on a 70's classic rock record. It's hard to explain, but I HAVE to find a bigger amp that sounds exactly like this one so that we can play shows with it. If I can do this, it'll solve another huge problem with the band. See, Doug and I have the EXACT SAME AMP and we can never tell whose is whose. I have some sort of stain on the top of mine, which is the only discernable difference. It's kind of funny, actually. But I have fun playing guitar now, which means I haven't written any stories or any other fun stuff recently, because I'm not talented enough to be creative in more than one forum at any time.

Cleaning my room means that I've found some awesome old CD's that I hadn't listened to in a while. I (finally) found ...And Justice For All, along with my Police greatest hits CD that Jason and I have been looking for obsessively for over a year now. I also found some old punk "classics" - a Bad Religion CD (Against the Grain) and two TSOL CD's. TSOL was one of the awesomest punk bands ever, and nobody even realizes it. They eventually morphed into a bad hair metal band, but that's forgivable. Joe Wood rules regardless. Those CD's are pretty cool. Even more amazing, THEY DON'T SKIP! Even the CD's I take care of skip, so that's kind of funny.

It's almost time for Pratt's series-ending homer. It's awesome that they are playing the radio broadcast rather than the regular TV announcers (I'd imagine that it was an ESPN game or something that they couldn't use the announcers for) because now I get to hear Gary Cohen do that really high-pitched "IT'S OUTTA HERE!!!!!!! OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!" thing that Andrew and I love so much. Had Ralph Kiner called that one, he probably would have called it a "EOWWEWEHWEOFHEWOFNWEFP".

Good night.