Wednesday, September 04, 2002

School is back in session.

The Fall 2002 semester at Hofstra is looking to be a complete bitch - aren't they all. I'm taking 18 credits, six classes, which I've never done before. They're all business classes, too (except for Ethics), so every textbook costs more than I make in a week. At least I have Fridays off, something else I've never had in my previous six college semesters. My classes are alright - Economics is Economics, but the teacher seems pretty cool. Marketing is always fun. Management should be okay since the subject is pretty interesting, and my teacher is awesome - she seems adept at making bad puns. Finance is probably going to be difficult and annoying. Ethics is looking like it might actually be an awesome class. Of course, ask me how it is in a month. Statistics, believe it or not, is going to be the hardest of any class I'm taking. It sounds lame, but it's the truth. See, its pre-requisite is the "Intro to Statistics" class, and I never really took it. I took a similar class at Nassau, but that was in the Spring 2000 semester, back when I was a freshman. So, of course, I forgot everything. We had homework, a "refresher" to everyone else, but to me, a very challenging assignment that I'm completely lost on. Ugh.

I finally cleaned my room. I've got plans for this baby. It should be interesting to see if I actually go through with these plans, or if I just say "Fuck it" and leave it the way it is out of laziness. If things go as planned, it will be like a totally different room.

I guess I should go to bed so that I can get to school by 7:30 to download my notes for my Marketing class. I don't have a printer or a zip drive so I can't do it here, it sucks. Oh well. Good night.