Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Hey - again. I still don't know if people read this or not. If you do, tell me, I guess. If not, then you don't.

So today has kinda blown. We're not playing a hockey game tonight because we missed the playoffs. To be honest, I could use the break. We had two shows last week, an exhausting hockey game, SummerSlam on Sunday, and work every other day in between. I'm pretty beat. However, I did have plans for today that were not realized, such as cleaning my room and car. One of these days, I promise. Just not today. I basically did nothing today except go out and grab Wendy's for dinner. Mom's not home since Grandma is getting operated on as we speak. Hope that goes well.

So I haven't gotten any phone calls today from friends or anything, which kinda bugs me, but I'm not going to kill myself over it. It's times like this when I wish people weren't away at school. Oh well. I'll live off of NFL 2K3, which I'm STILL not done reviewing. I also picked up Madden '94 and I think Madden '93, but I really don't remember. Both together cost $.85, so it was a good deal. Haven't played either one yet, though. This is the kind of night where I'd normally whip out the guitar and write stuff, but I'm honestly too tired to do even that. So maybe I'll go to bed early or something. I don't know. In any event, I'm rambling here, so I'm off to do nothing elsewhere.